Papa Criolla / Yellow Potato

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1000g of the whole yellow potato 'Papa Criolla' or 'Papa Amarilla'. There are aprox. 35 potatos per bag. Vegetarian & Gluten-free This product is pre-cooked.


Yellow potato or ' papa amarilla' also known as 'papa criolla' literally meaning "native potato". This amazing an delicious potato is grown in Countries located in the north part of South America, particulary popular in Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela & Colombia. Very easy to prepare as is pre-cooked. Put it in the oven for about 20 minutes or can also be deep fried for 3-5 min max. Papas Amarillas (Yellow Potatoes) have, as the name suggests, yellow or butter color flesh. They have to be cooked carefully just to the point otherwise they burst open and fall apart. When cooking Papas Amarillas get very soft and grainy. The Yellow Potato is the best for making a creamy and fluffy "pure de papa" (mashed potatoes). Great as well for thick Peruvian French Fries or just baked in foil with different sauces.